Thoughts or suggestions for my team?



It’s good, very good lmao


@McBuck33ts no players I shd buy? No positions I shd switch?

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How do you like Hakeem


Good squad. Would be hard to upgrade without adding galaxy opals.

Could swap Hill for GO PG or GO Kawhi.


@Ronbaker31 just got him tn, so Dk yet


@Jweezy I would but can’t afford either. Some things I was considering changing was either opal Nash or PD moments Wade instead of penny, PD lebron or moments KD instead of Larry, and either PD Blake or PD asg kuzma instead of garnett


Nice squad!!
Don’t know if you’re thinking of Opals but PG13 is an absolute beast. He would definitely slide into Grant’s spot. Even PD Kawhi is cheap right now, maybe throw him at the end of your bench for more D at the 2/3 spot?

It’s really all preference for you at this point, which is a great feeling


Magic/Melo/GO PG13/Cowens/Hakeem


Can vouch for both of those guys over KG. Kuz is definitely more like a Cowens type, great shooter (not base 11 or whatever tho) and does well enough on the glass. Blake is a better defender/bigger body who can also spot up, but you have to be wide open to get his release off. However he’s still a great PD and look how long he’s been out. Unless you’re really set on KG defense, you could definitely get one of those 2 for the upgrade offense


Your team can’t get too much better. I would just say to use whoever you enjoy and try to have some fun with the game.


PD Lebron is one of my favorite cards in the game but no card is worth selling Bird for now that the crash his killed his price
Best non-Opal 3-D player by far and can play at PF easily because of HOF Def Stopper and high strength/rebounding
But ya if you can get Lebron he’s an insanely good dribbler and super fun to use
If I were you i’d Consider selling Hill and KG and getting Bron for sure though


Agree with others that Lebron could be a fun addition and not too expensive. And now PD Melo with the code today. He’s amazing if you haven’t tried him. Can play the 2 or 3.

You could also consider playing cowens at the 3. He’s a tremendous mismatch there. And then add Drob or Bill Russell at the 4.