Thoughts on Using Twin Towers

My Current Line Up at PF & C
Giannis & Duncan
Green & Ltd KAJ

I wanna change green with a bigger player.
I wanna hear you thoughts on using twin towers and are they effective in the current meta.

Pros & Cons


LQ is lower on the bigger players, so they have a hard time locking down out-of-position (OOP) 3’s like LeBron, KD, and Giannis.

Spacing can be limited and not having a Ball Handler at the 4 can be disadvantageous.


Rebounding, strength, and height under the rim.

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How are you using Draymond ?

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I am just using him to defend at PF sometimes to score at Slip Plays and or 3’s on fastbreaks. But not always.

Do you think its effective if I get 3 shooters and two big guys for rebounds?

Make sure your slotted-4 has 80+ LQ.


If you spend a lot of time in the post it’s definitely still viable. Most guys online are only running one true big online, so having Tim Duncan at the 4 is always a guaranteed double double. I think LQ is overblown this year as well. It helps of course, but as long as you have a decent concept of how to defend a space rather than the man, you can still lure them into taking shots that you can live with.

I think the only thing is to make sure they can at least stretch the floor. I have Timmy and Hakeem right now, and with coach boosts and shoes, they’re both in the 80s and equipped with shooting badges. Bigs that can post and stretch the floor are my favorite players this year.


My buddy runs Pat Ewing and Ben Wallace together. You would think it would be a train wreck but he pisses me off with the ridiculous amount of off rebounds he gets. Took 15 shots more than me last game even though we shot the same percentage.

And you think his bigs were the reason of it, its 2019 and people are still funny.

Well it didn’t start happening until he put Ben in there. I know last year I had a huge problem with guys getting twice as many offensive rebounds as I had defensive rebounds, but haven’t had that problem so much this year. Except lately.

All im saying, ive used Duncan/Mutombo+Issel/Limited Kareem and still had games where ruby Katand Porz would destroy me, game is random AF.

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Kareem/Hakeem had someone crying on the mic yesterday that he couldn’t get a rebound.

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I’m trying to go 12-0 and all I can think is Defense Possessions and etc.

Since I’m playing quite laggy I think this is the best gameplay for me.

Be that said I think two bigs that can both rebound and run the floor would be great.

I have yet to try it though but I would likely boost their Latquick and Speed with shoes and coach.
I’m not yet sure if it will be effective though.

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Kareem with a speed shoe/Dantoni is fine guarding Blake at PF but will sturggle a bit chasing AK around

I’d think about Jermaine O’Neal. Hes a solid defender and athletic enough to matter. Can hit an open 3 and his post game is very good. I would still hold on to Draymond though. Hes so versatile that he can be plugged in almost anywhere. Hes 11 in my rotation and sees the floor a few minutes every game to give rest. If the guy I’m playing is running Giannis or some other super athletic stretch then I’ll bring him in based of match up. I’ve been running ad as my starting pf for some time now and he does extremely well too. Hes a great card and very underrated mostly because people knock his three point rating. At this point no one in the game can really stick Giannis. You can just try to contain him. PD Blake is also an option but I’d wait to see what the new code brings before buying him. That’s my plan.

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I have about 5 blakes sniped waiting to be sold.

I think
Giannis & Duncan as starters is good.

at the Sub
PF Thurmond and C KAJ better?
Or should I give chance to PF blake again

TD at the 4 with Hakeem at the 5 is perfect for me. I think TD has 83 LQ and my on ball D is pretty good so no issues so far but I’ve only ran 3 games with the twin towers so it’s a small sample but all 3 Ws were rage quits.

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I have Giannis Timmy and KAJ.
What Mix of Big men should I do?
And Who should I pick up?

TD at 4. KAJ at 5. I’ve only run Ruby/Amy Hakeem all year so far in terms of center and Draymond and Giannis for small ball so I cant give you much advice on bigger players. But once you get Hakeem run him or KAJ at the 5 with TD at 4

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I play a combination of rim protector and stretch/slasher. Starters are Giannis/Kareem, Bench Blake/Mutombo, it’s been effective for me to say the least.

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