Thoughts on this trade?

Seen this suggested mainly on Celtics forums:

Jaylen Brown for Sabonis. Thoughts ?

Bad trade for both teams.


Don’t think that will happen… :thinking::rofl:

Bad trade for Celtics

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Bad for Celtics

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Well, if you dive a little deeper, it’s not that bad of a trade tbh. The celtics have scorers both on the perimiter and wing (Kemba and Brown) but they lack an inside presence and playmaking. It would not be the worst trade for the Celtics, could balance their offense a little better imo. Sabonis could be Jokic lite on offense if he improves and gets put in that position. But sure, Tatum is their best player and I don’t think the Celtics are too interested in parting ways with him if they only get Sabonis back.

I’d do it if I was in Boston’s front office.