Thoughts on this lineup?

Thank you in advance fellas! New member here.
Please take a look at this lineup and let me know if I should add or take away anyone? One big hole in the gameplan is I’m getting destroyed on the boards almost every game.
Currently sitting with 350k MT

I’d get Karl Malone, push green to the bench and get rid of worthy or kawhi. Should also have enough for maybe Dwight Howard to replace gilmore

Yah you gotta get rid of gilmour. Get kareem bro. He is NUTS. He does spin fadeaways like butter and post spins basically anyone not named shaq
And he has the ability to stretch the floor. His 3 is serviceable when wide open. Provides better d than gilmour. Just my opinion though .

Man I have been eyeing Malone have just been waiting for the right one. Or 97 Bron

I have been thinking of Kareem too. What’s the latest price on him? PS4

If rebounding is your problem run worthy draymond and another centre Howard or kareem off the bench, then put a Karl Malone at the 4. Can’t get much better than that

Im not sure. Im on xbox. I got one for 210. Was a really good deal. I love kareem. Hes the best centre in the game HANDS DOWN

Yeah kareem is a monster. Only set I locked had him in it. Averages 12 and 12 for me

So you guys think I should grab Kareem and Malone to start at PF and C? Then have Hakeem off the bench with either Draymond or Worthy? O had Larry at my starting 4 was tough to let him go

Yeah go get kareem and Malone.

How does that ruby Draymond play? I am sure he is awesome alongside OP cards.

He’s a monster really good card even undersized at the 4

I imagine he would be. Might try him out in SM.

Ruby Dray is solid man. Defends well, hits the open 3, and I even have him running the fast break at times. Sometimes gets exposed by bigger or more athletic bigs but all in all solid

Drays nice can rebound and lockup just don’t expect much offense out of him. He’s perfect for me off the bench against the small quick stretch 4s like KD and Bron

Thanks again fellas I’ll be looking out for Kareem and Malone tomorrow on the AH. So no one outbid me lol

I just want to counteract the omnipresent KD, LBJ at the 4.