Thoughts on Shot Contest/PnR Defense IQ/Reaction Time Ratings

It’s interesting that Shot Contest/PnR Defense IQ/Reaction Time are shown on 2KMTCentral but not on Player Cards and MTDB. However, Shot Contest and PnR Defense IQ are shown when clicking on a card during a game.

Do we think these ratings matter or nah?

Shot Contest and Reaction Time def matters, but idrc as long as they have interior defense. And reaction time only matters to offballers

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Yeah I wonder why then 2k left these ratings off the cards seems a bit weird

like opal Cowens has 54 contest but 98 interior D and hof intimidator so he wont get scored on

Yeah I think it’s safe to say Intimidator matters more than Shot Contest rating

Robbie said it doesn’t matter this year, they were leftovers from last year, like how we had contested and moving shots last year, shot contest, reaction time and pick and roll defense are leftovers from last year