Thoughts on PD Klay?

Recently picked up PD Klay and I am so disappointed. Never tried his ruby/diamond so i was surprised his jumpshot was not fast, I get contested so easily. Add that with him being slow, how are people loving this card? To me Limited Roy is miles better than PD Klay.

I sold him never really got his shot.

do you run 3 pt plays?

diamond klay was an auto 20+ points for me from 3 pt plays, transition 3s & second chance 3s

also try using him in PNR as ballhandler & fading for 3 off the screen — automatic if you learn his moving 3 release, his post fade is nice & he’s decent attacking the hoop

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In casual games where people run plays Klay is great. In comp games he’s pretty useless unless you wanna jack trail threes

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U have to use klay a certain way. Fastbreaks and icon passing off plays. If u dont do that then yeah he can be slow. U need to have him sitting in limitless range with no contest coming off a dimer pass. He doesnt miss

This is why im selling him too bro, I just couldn’t learn it. Right now Roy is my go to guy instead of Klay. Great driving ability, fast, good defense, and probably has the wettest jumper in the game.

Gonna try this, If i don’t see any difference he’s going up on the AH tomorrow afternoon.

I always run plays with klay but with all the lag and stuffs he keeps missing for me even wide open damn I was disappointed and sold him. Bought him again and sold him again. :frowning:

I’ve only had the ruby this year as the PD-D prices were silly. I saw not one Klay in the tourney games yesterday, speaks to his limited role.

If i sell klay who should be my new starting SF?

Get Blue Jersey PG13

need someone to replace him, If i do end up selling him. Really want Dr. J

Who did people mostly run at Sg/Sf in the tourney games?

They ran a mix of granger/ak/hill/worthy etc.

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Hard to say as the presentation didn’t show us clear positions outside pg and c.
Tons of Worthy, AK47, Granger, Webber and AD as wings.

Try Dr.J he’s a bucket


Would you guys say pd klay is that much better? My diamond klay has been just amazing since he first dropped. I have not felt the need to upgrade.

I don’t know what the prices are now but there is a noticeable difference in speed and finishing

His Diamond is just as good for 100k less. Plus you won’t get hit by Equalizer as hard