Thoughts on my supermax lineup

PD Baron Davis
Diamond Oladipo
Amy/diamond LeBron
Diamond Kevin Love
Diamond Marc Gasol

Diamond Spencer dinwiddie
Diamond Pau Gasol
Amy Scottie Pippen
Amy James Worthy
Diamond Tony Parker
Diamond Elton Brand
Amy John Starks
Amy Julius Erving

I didn’t a single bit of vc or MT just grinded

Share your lineups or thoughts on my lineup or improvements I can

Use max 5 players off the bench. Just choose which ones you like and auction the rest. That would give you some MT to work with. I would sell Dinwiddie for sure, pretty trash diamond card. Then auction everything else you have in your collection that you don’t use (pretty difficult atm because prices are really down). But once all your stuff is sold, you can write how much you have and maybe work something out.

Get Horford over Pau for the bench, pretty much better at everything, not sure on Lebron+Love. On D Love is a toast because people play KD’s and whatnot at 4, you need Josh Smith/Kirilenko/Draymond or KD himself. Lebron’s 3 point shooting is too low, unless shoe. Get a sharshooter 2 for the bench, someone like Eddie Jones.




You’re welcome.

Diamond Draymond is my next pickup once I have enough MT the love/LeBron ups LeBron’s 3 and I’m pissed they didn’t make the diamond Gasol brothers a duo. I’m looking to move dipo for diamond Manu. Dipo doesn’t hit wide open shots for me for some reason and believe it or not dinwiddie is great bench PG he has a hof limitless range he’s 6’6 so he’s pretty good defensively and can play both guard spots without being undersized. Pau pisses me off alot because he moves like he’s in quicksand is horford quicker? Thanks for the tips who are you guys running with

That’s mine.

I had Oladipo as a bench SG for some time and actually really liked him. I wouldn’t let him go if you’re on a budget. Even now Dipo would suit my bench better tbh.

The last 2 cards are what I have but are not currently/permanently in the lineup.

I also have diamond Shaq.