Thoughts on EQ this year?

I know some of you on here are firm believers there is no such thing as the equalizer, we can agree to disagree. Anyways, I haven’t had much trouble this year so far in MTU until this last game I played. Mind you, I still won so before you try to paint me out to be making excuses, you are mistaken.

7-0 in PD league and I matched up with a pretty sub par team compared to mine. His amethyst giannis completely SHIT on my diamond giannis for almost 3 full quarters, finished everything. I literally could not contest him. Around the end of the 3rd all the shots/steals I was missing magically started hitting and I flooded this guy by 20 in like 3 minutes, not even kidding. And then he quit once he realized it was game over lol. The shift in momentum was astounding, I was honestly shocked. But I had known from the jump ball I was going to have to stick it out.

Just wanted to see your guys’ experience this year with the stupid player engagement BS.

I’ve seen it a few times but I think it’s nowhere near as bad as years past

It’s noticeable against extremely inferior squads, good 3pt shooters(diamonds) forget how to shoot, you start missing full bar releases, sometime you miss layups whereas your opponent is making 50, 60% contested shots with emeralds and sapphires, it starts to drive me barking mad. However this year it isn’t as bad previous 2ks, probably because I only get matched with other god squads

That EQ is crazy. I normally feel it through the first 2 and half qaurters. And the games I don’t feel it, it’s game over before half.

Foreal when my players feel good it’s usually a rage quit in the first or second.