Thoughts on DM J.R. Smith

I’ve had the card going on 24hrs now, and he’s pretty fun to use. I usually love J.R. cards and I’m a fan of Henny Gawd, so it was a no brainer for me to grind.

If you didn’t want to grind don’t feel bad at all. While J.R. is a top card, he’s not a “must have” to me. If I had to rank cards D Rob would prob be higher on the list, and some might put Kawhi higher. J.R. is still damn fun to use. Just wish they kept his BTB as pro 3 and wish they put his release on Very Quick. The release timing being faster would really help him stand out more.

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you can buy PG Webber and he’s probably gonna be better than that JR card. i’ll take any free card but he’s definitely not worth to be a level 40 reward

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He is nothing special. Ferry seems like a much better reward.


Yeah, Ferry is definitely the main prize this season as well as just being the best card in the game. I like the J.R. card but there can be a discussion about a card that came out in Feb. (Kawhi) being a better card.

J.R. plays great but I remember when I got D Rob it was clear D Rob was go be a monster for a while. Same for Kawhi. J.R. is just at a loaded position. We haven’t even got PG LeBron or PG Simmons yet to go along with the other crazy PG’s that will drop.

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I like the C Webb but I wouldn’t say he’s better than J.R. I get your point tho lol. J.R. probably a 250k or 300k card in the AH.

He looks nice , base 49 it’s always one of my favorites . I just can’t play so much time offline , he is a top Pg easily
Better than Magic , Webber and maybe Grant Hill . For people that dribble and has screens he is better than Hill

J.R is better at the 2 for me. The pg position is too stacked, both grant hill n luka just outclass him at the 1 but hes a top tier SG i like him better than demar and tmac(next gen) hes my back up 2 tho cos KD is a god

Without HoF dimer he will never be my PG. Looks like a fine backup SG.

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Since we got the Tyronn Lue Mystery going on, i guess they won’t upgrade him. I think what could make him a top PG, is to give him more HOF playmaking bades like Dimer and Floor General, possibly needle threader as well(also Green Machine to hof). Maybe downgrade couple defensive badges to gold if they think that’s too much, but i mean Kobe exists…

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GO Kawhi is waaaaaay better. I have both.

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We expected this:

but we got this:

This is my reaction to 2K:



Anyone put a shoe on J.R. yet?

I can’t even lie, the more I play with him the more fun he is. I still wish his release was on Very Quick just to make him stand out a little more than the other top notch cards but man. That shit is butter. And his driving ability is really special.

He’s a 2 guard due to those average dribble sigs isn’t he?

I’m probably gonna replace Roy with him

KD, B.Owens, even Iggy… all of these cards are BETTER than him at 2. 1 is not even in the discussion for me.
The most ordinary, the most disappointing L40 reward of this year. (nextgen)

He can be a defensive upgrade over Roy tho.


I have Owens as my bench 3, I think he’s better there due to lack of hash hotspots. Tried Iggy, don’t like his release. KD’s too expensive for what I need at SG

Think it’s the only way I seem him being relevant for me. Crazy that DRob and even Kawhi are going to have better longevity for me

Kawhi is far superior than this.

They just need to release a PD Kawhi with similar stats as the lvl40 kawhi and everyone will be happy…

I started myteam in season 5 so i missed the best lvl 40 reward that is still very usable today

If you watch the whole video, HTB is flattering the card but suffering to get an open shot mostly. Rim running almost all the time. (cuz he has to). This is what u gonna get on nextgen, don’t expect more.

Keywords between:
-Sprint is not as fast as it should be
-Loadup animation (this is what i hated most about this card)
-Crazy Henny like shots (lemme know if you see any in the video, cuz i didn’t. You can see some in his B.Owens video tho.)

I watch almost all of his review videos after switching to nextgen, enjoy most of the reviews but this one smells too much like a paid advertisement. JR is not even better than Owens let alone Kobe, nowhere near Hill.