Thoughts on Amethyst World B.Free?

About to reach the amethyst reward tier. I checked the stats which are extremely good. High Driving dunk, high three-point rate, like D-Rose with the shooting ability. However, I can’t find any videos talking about him. Anyone who has used him please give us some comments or review? Thanks!

2KMTCentral? smh


Just a reference, never mind LMAO


Chill. At least he did not paste mtdb link. Hahaha

He’s a mainstay in my TTO And unlimited runs, this card is imo the most underrated card in the game. I run him rose and Hakeem in TTO and constantly go undefeated. Once he gets sharp activated Free is pretty much an auto green

How is the dunking tendancy? Is it like D-Rose that can dunk very often even with some contest?

What’s wrong with MTDB? I don’t know about it.

He catches a lot of bodies

2kdb is the best database site to use by far

2kdb can’t check dynamic duos stats boost I think…

Awesome! Thanks for your comment. I will redeem this one first.

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He’s good but he feels so slow after you’ve played with high speed with ball players

I like him but make sure one of your wings can cut

There’s not a lot if any PG’s that can do what he does. He’s really not THAT slow, plus he can shoot and catches bodies. For what’s available in his position there’s not many who can compare.

You don’t exactly need to be berserker in MTU, and the fact that he can absolutely stroke it from deep makes so hard to defend, if you show people that you gonna run they just go straight to the rim to protect the basket and leave you open for a Jay.

@12thFloor I used him in TTO quite a lot and and not sure how I feel about him there his defense can’t hold it down at all.

Feels like hardly anyone has done any gameplay videos so far this year.

Damn i went 30 straight with him Rose and Hakeem in TTO. I didn’t really need him to clamp because most people can’t shoot. Him and Rose on fast breaks Is ggs. Lately I’ve been running Cousy with rose and pierce and that’s another hard trio to beat.

Just cards like FA Lillard or Rose (Amy or FA) are too much for him and they’re everywhere lol.

Man i cook FA dudes in TTO on the regular. They see pierce and Cousy and get nervous. I’ve barely lost to any FA squads in TTO and that’s including when I’m running Free

I take pride in making people waste those cards :joy::joy:

I don’t lose much either, but I don’t like losing period. And his defense was the main reason why I took some Ls.