Thoughts and opinions on Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson used to be my idol growing up. Had everything. You name it I probably had it. What do you guys think about him?

The :goat:


Jacko threads usually get locked pretty quick

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Cuz people take it too far and decide to be toxic

I ain’t gonna talk about any of the extra curriculars but as a musician and performer he’s second to none

A deeply trouble soul who never grew up and as a result gave us generational music but at the cost of his demons.

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Yeah man. It’s actually really sad. He was abused and didn’t have a childhood. That’s why he acted childlike and hung out around kids. He was a very sad and isolated person. Great performer tho

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One of the greatest performers and musicians of all time

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The King of Pop :crown:


Top 3 performer of all time. Talent level off the charts.

But yet a complete weirdo, and it ruined his legacy.

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I could never imagine being THAT famous.

There was Jesus Christ, the Pope, and Michael Jackson. Insane.

He was able to live his dreams and be an icon, but at what price? I wonder if he could switch to a regular life would he do it

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Same kind of person as Freddie Mercury. Extremely talented. Extremely troubled. Probably a bit of an idiot savant.

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Hes a legend.

Hes also innocent.



The Goat. Arguably the most influencial artist of all-time. There are documentaries about his influence on hip-hop, especially the abum BAD from 1987.

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Musical genius. I don’t really care about his personality or other issues. He ain’t my dad or friend or whatever.

His music will live forever.


This Mike is the undisputed Goat of entertainment

This Mike should have been arrested to be honest. :man_shrugging:t4:

I’m fairly lenient when it comes to separating art from the entertainer. But there’s a certain threshold where it becomes too much.

The numerous sexual assault allegations and dangling a baby over a balcony definitely surpass that threshold in my eyes.

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So when thriller, PYT, Rock with you, beat it or Heal the World comes on? Do you turn it off? Hard to turn off a MJ song.

Never grew up with his music, so not very hard to turn it off for me personally.

If someone is attached to the music tho, I wouldn’t judge them for choosing to listen to it.

There’s just no way I could listen to his music and not think about the horrible things he did.

He was investigated by the feds and they didn’t find any evidence of foul play. He was weird but I wouldn’t say he did horrible things. A federal investigation and no evidence of foul play, for me is enough to give him the benefit of doubt.