Thoughts about BIN system

what are your thoughts about the 100k max BIN system?
why are the doing such a unique and kinda weird system?

and if you could change it what would you change?
set max BIN to 200k or make BIN open until 5mil or implement price ranges like in FIFA (e.g you can only list 95 Lebron for minimum 25k and max 120k) …

We talkin’ about a company that “accidentally” release Hardens, Shaqs etc… you know
I would change 2k’s marketing and design crew completely :slight_smile:

I think the market is great. 2k16 market was aids people would buy up all the good cards like diamond magic and out them up for 7mill+. This way it lets the community decide what a card is worth not just some greedy asshole.

I was just talking about this with my homie, I believe it should be set at 1 mil max as it used to be. I absolutely hate having to bid on a card and wait 2 hours just to get outbid at the last second. I’ve been sitting on 900k the last 3 days unable to get any of the cards I want because I get outbid, and I’m not willing to overpay by 20% just to get the card.

U ca blame 2k16 reason why never gotton make it over 100k max

There’s only one reason to eliminate the BIN system: to make MT selling/buying more difficult. That’s it, really. Or perhaps prevent price-fixing on rare cards. But more likely the former.

I don’t have the time to stare at the auction house all day or night to get certain players.

Theoretically if you need to sell a player to buy the new one that you want, you might have to wait 8 hours!! 4 to sell your guy, and another 4 if there’s no auctions ending soon. Just stupid for people who have limited time to actually play. I really miss the 1m BIN limit.

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it would be less stressfull if the live bidding would acually work… I’m sure I’m not the only one who tried to bid during the last minute or seconds and then suddenly got told that the auction already has ended. super annoying because you have to place your bid early, which gives other people the opportunity to bid too. that is not how an online real time bidding system is supposed to work.

Another problem with this system is that the time left on many auctions isn’t correct. If there is no BIN then at least shoe the correct time until the auction will end.

This! I posted a thread on this last night. I lost out on on four different Diamond Rondo’s because either the auction would disappear with time still left on the clock or I’d bid early and somone would outbid me at the last second. I hate 2k

I do think they should introduce price ranges like FIFA based on the player’s popularity and get rid of the 100K max bin ceiling. For instance, all amy cards will have the same min. bin but different ceilings:
Amy KD min. 10K max 150K
and they can reduce his price range as his value goes down (meaning most people start listing him for 70-80K bin)

Another option would be to copy FIFA straight up and remove the card tiers and doing something like this :

  • release TOTW players every set day of the week
  • instead of having tiers, they release a new card with +1/2 rating for a player if he is already high rated or +3/4 to a lower rated player.
    ex: Lebron , originally 86, his totw would be 87
    Sabonis, originally 68, his totw would be 80, if he gets another totw in the future it would be 83, then 85 and so on…

This would sharply reduce the amount of overpowered cards and would also benefit 2K massively and they can still have their promo Friday packs.
What do y’all think? I know it’s basically just copying the FIFA model lmao
If you think this post is stupid, please move along then. It’s just me trying to make this work day go by fast

the best system was in 2k16.for tiers,for dynamic ratings for everything

I find it frustrating when I try to bid on something with, say, 45 seconds to go, and the auction has actually already closed.

But try to consider that the auction market structure is not actually structured to help buyers buy cards for the lowest price possible. It’s structured to help sellers sell their cards for good prices. Last-second auction bid “sniping” is not really “good” for a market, because it turns pricing into an exercise of timing and fortuitous synching with the AH server, and not about the value of the card.

The intent of an auction is to enable buyers to place a bid up to, or even beyond, the amount that a card is worth to them. If they win, they win because they value it more than other buyers. If they lose, it’s because other buyers value it more than them. This is generally how auctions are supposed to work. Nobody wins a $50 million Van Gogh painting for $40 million because they raised their paddle in the last split second before the auctioneer closed the auction.

It might help with the annoyance if you keep in mind that we get annoyed because we’re trying to “beat” the AH system and use it in a way it wasn’t intended to be used.

And I’ve always thought that there’s a chance that the last minute of an auction’s time is made inaccurate on purpose, to discourage people from doing last second sniping.

When I buy a card I bid the max price I am willing to go right off the bat. I don’t sit around and wait to Nickle and dime it up. If I will pay 200k for a card I’ll bid 200k from the jump. That way I will get it within my price range unless someone bids more then I’m willing to pay. I’ve never lost out on a card that way and I’ve never paid more then I want to.