Thon Maker locks opinion?

I’m almost locking that guy :joy:I like to dribble and he has one of my fav sizeups , I’m using lebron a lot too …
Opinions on his defense ? I don’t know if I will run a gold clamps until the end :joy:how he feels ?
If not I will sell Lebron right now , He is just a Ben with a better jumper

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I got him. One thing is sure on defense- nobody is shooting over him on PG/SF. I use him as a slasher and spot up shooter- can’t complain.

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Gold Clamps is pretty rough for this time of year. Thon a beast tho. Tough call.


he’s not an end-game defender so the decision is easy.


He’s a fun card to have for sure, but he won’t be on the final squad.

Let’s not forget defense is a skill.

inventing a new defensive settings is a skill too you know

This game and mode doenst allow to be on that matter “clamps “ ,
It’s just animations , and Hof is different …
I play with a 6 1 on park with silver clamps and I play crazy good defense , but there we find people doing the same and we don’t face all 99s with all Hof badges .
It’s balanced and requires more stick skill on both ends , I can see Thon playing create defense too due his size and length


I have him and I think he is fine on defense, gold clamps is enough when your 7 ft tall, and if your locking for him then you have 3 other Hof clamp defenders that are usable in Lebron, Draymond and Rodman

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I think his length makes up for the shortcomings. I haven’t played him at PG to be fair with you.

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My doubt is how long it will take to have another card like this , this was a good lock for people that have done it right away . I can see a new card like that very soon , but if take like a month … I would lock if I would be able to guess :joy:

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I locked because I have LeBron and wasn’t getting rid of him no matter what, now if I feel like using other cards Thon will lose his spot and I don’t feel bad about that at all, I only spent 150k other then LeBron to lock Thon, I think in your case it’s the same thing, just go ahead and lock if LeBron isn’t leaving your lineup anyway

i could see an auctionable thon like card u right

You already have Giannis and you will get a Kareem soon

Thon is the best PG in the game not named TMac.

Sometimes I don’t use him tho because I’m a little bored. I got him on Day 1.

That said, if I wanted to run a fully optimal lineup he’d be locked as my starting PG. Plain and simple.


They are not the same as a dribbler , I can dance around screens with him :sweat_smile:we don’t have a guy with that size with those handles , Giannis will not be able unless they change sigs .
I can see Kareem do it ahah

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Pick and roll def is sus had to drop out my lineup or if I use him only at the 3

Ye that’s the problem , they can find a way to have another 7 footer with guard dribbles

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But I will not play this more too much after July :joy:
So … difficult decisions

He cannot even imagine a 7 footer moving like that , it’s my curiosity in game :joy:the guy is huge