Thon is a MONSTER!

First off, thanks to @Pedronqneves and earlier @QuantumKat to reccomending this monster. I expected a tall, great slasher, kind of slow, mediocre shooting, 7 foot pg. what i got, was a crazy dribbling, really fast for a 7 footer, great release, monster slasher. I put the PG4’s on him, so in TTO where he guards the center he does fine. He also cooks centers and then serves them with a side of fries. The Magic btb seals the deal for me. Thats the only reason Harden stayed on my squad, and this card has it at 7 INCHES TALLER than Harden. Needless to say, I’ll earn back all this MT just killing people in TTO lol


Man , I love that card ! He is running Pg as my 3 pt hunter on the squad !
He is the unicorn of my team this year , he has guard moves for a 7
Footer with those arms . It’s crazy , enjoy him , he is a top card in the game and funnier as hell to play with


KING THON :stuck_out_tongue:


No he scary in mtu :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeeeei :eye:

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What’s Thon’s price on PS4?

got him for 1.1 mil on xbox today

Thon is a weird case. He’s a SF/PG that comes bundled with PG/C LBJ. If you want to run LBJ at PG, you need to play Thon at SF. If you want to play Thon at PG, you need to run LBJ at C. The only other option is benching either of them, which doesn’t really make sense when you pay over 1 million for the set. So I play LBJ at PG and Thon at SF and he’s great there, but not quite a unicorn anymore. He could use an EVO that improves his strength and post game.


Just do this and switch their matchups, easy :blush:


Most people play their bench just as much as their starters. It’s good to mix up the quality of your team for overall success :slight_smile:

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I can do that, but LBJ will still play as a C on offense and I don’t want that.

i run lbj at bench.thon at starting point.simmons backup pg.


I would say most people use only 5 players and call timeouts, but maybe that’s just my experience.

I rarely come up against 5 mans these days

I understand that but some players you face won’t switch their matchups or be unable to deal with bron anyway so it could lead to some easy wins

Just food for thought

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That’s one of the main reasons I never locked it. 2k knows what they’re doing.

If LeBron was PG/SF it would’ve been the easiest lock ever at the time. Almost as big of a no brainer as locking Kareem.

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The reason I locked is I knew I wouldnt ever sell this bron. Doesnt hurt to get thon for 150k more


But what’s the difference? You can give him the ball and use him like he was a PG :grin:

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Overvalue the positions .Ye the freelance adjust everytime , without the ball he will be corner or top of hash . At least on point or hawks ,
I don’t see no one bullying Thon , you can put him at the 3 too…
If you want someone to run point just give him the ball , if you want someone to guard others position just assign .
You don’t need a new KD at SG or PG , this one is amazing


I just watched Ty’s Thon review. Man this card is so glitchy on offense. Only downside is the defense but you can just switch him onto a ‘’cone’’.

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