This years game

Is it straight cheeks again or did they improve it?

I haven’t bought it this year I’m still grinding madden but if yous can give me some convincing improvements I might look into it around Christmas

It was the most lit first week of 2k ever. And then they started rolling out ghost patches and now everything is getting broken or nerfed. typical 2k

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defense is alot better, alot more offline content that seems rewarding until 2k nerfs it

Gameplay got nerfed?

rewards and xp

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Oh yea. Fuck them for that token nerf

LOL ahhhh nothing like a nice bait and switch. Hook everyone into offline just to get rid of it and pump life into packs/online modes

U can still get alot offline. Im grinding collection rewards, i miss them from 2k17. Almost got 1000 cards. You can get alot of tokens whichs gets you free players while allowing you to save MT. Theyre not amazing players but theres some pretty good ones in there

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Jump on the nba 2k pages and you’ll see twelvies and cheesers complain about how ‘op’ the defence is. It’ll get nerfed and be back to 2k18 in no time

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I might have to look into it. I’d strictly grind offline again and if they did give some incentive to complete schedules or challenges i might consider it actually

As for the defence it’s only a matter of time before the 12 year olds get upset they can’t spam dunk anymore

You guys can say nerfed, but there are certain adjustments they need to make over time. I just pray that they can maintain the skill gap and refrain from coming out with a bunch of 25 intangibles cards until at least January…then they can fck the game up however they want and i’ll move on to something else.

Ill be real the gameplay is better, specifically defense and post game. The layup meter makes me feel more in control. I havent played online much tho I’ve been grinding. The rewards seem worth it for now, but im being very frugal with my MT because I know most things decrease in value over time.

Forza Horizon 4 and Red dead are coming out in a few weeks so they’d better not do some stupid shit. Too many good games out there

I loved forza horizon 3 but 4 has no mitsibishi and toyota and that is a no go for me. i need my supra and evo

Hahaha true that 3 was special as it was set in my country and I did all those drives irl. No evo is kinda trash

lol forgot you lived down under. that game is amazing, they really did a good job with the map. I was bummed out about no evo, its been my go to car since forza 3 lol

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