This What Happens When You Play Zone 90% Of The Game

For those that dont know, the best way to counter the zone, is to use the horns freelance and look for wing 3s.


I’m trying to choose players to run my bench, since you use both Jaylen and Tatum, which 2-3 would you prefer?

  • DI Jaylen and DI Tatum


  • A PG13 and A Kawhi

Both sets have similar playstyles and height, defense is close as well, but is the MT to grab the Celtics worth it or should I wait for their price to drop?

I’m also keen on PG and Kawhi because I have 97 RWB and 98 TD (potential duos).

Damn bro thats a tough one lol. Does you pg and kawhi have shoes? Cause if not im going with brown and tatum.

I was looking to get them shoes, Kawhi hopefully with those baby blue Js and PG w/ literally any shoe that boosts his speed.

Jaylen and Tatum have been nasty for me earlier in the year (moments/ rubys) so I can only imagine how godly their DI are. I should’ve picked them up during the crash, but for the MT I may just go with PG and Kawhi.

Yea pg and klaw are more money friendly so check em out

Plus there might be more moments cards for Boston and there won’t be anymore PG or Kawhi cards so won’t be a big drop in MT in the future.