This video gave me an appreciation for OFF BALL defense and may change your perspective too

For those of you that may not be able to watch the video right now, here’s the jist of it:

  • Warriors execute very very smart rotations offball. Something that the A.I in 2K does not do consistently. This has to be done manually offball. Helping the helper if you will.

  • The Pre-switching they did vs Houston is a thing of beauty and once again, something the A.I in 2k cannot do. So you would have to offball to do this manually.

  • Baiting passes is something that the 2k community does that is actually used in real life. Once again, being offball allows you to do this.

  • Stopping screen plays. Some plays you absolutely have to offball in order to stop them consistently. Anticipation and predicting where the ball is going can result in a lot of turnovers

I’ve always been a stickler for on-ball defense while playing online…but after really watching how the Warrior’s play defense, i’m starting to see the bigger picture.

I still do think playing on-ball is more fun because its your stick skills vs your opponent’s. But as @Kobe6Rings has said before, defense is really about executing as a team and making the right rotations and you can’t always rely on the CPU to do that for you.

I know this is a sensitive topic in the community. Thoughts?


Let me get my popcorn…

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Earv dropping large facts up in here, has to be my favorite post you’ve made so far and I think very similarly.

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A lot of us have been saying this for awhile. Constantly switching on and off and baiting is a lot more skillful than just tunnel visioning onto the on ball player and moving your stick left and right. It actually requires a vision of the court and understanding of off ball motion so that you can read where your opponent wants to pass it before he does.


There is a very high chance this thread will be hijacked judging by the way the title is formulated… :joy: but there is actually a big difference from what Earv is saying, going offball from time to time to fix your team as a whole, and sit on the C 100% of the time like most people do.

BTW, I wish the pre switch was available in the defensive settings, this way it’d be even easier to hide my Curry cards.


I never understood the off ball hate. It has to be done sometimes or else have fun getting cooked by the same offball screen 3 play.


Totally agree. I think the animosity towards offballers is pointed at ones who just grab a player not involved in the play and sit in the corner. If you offball to bring smart double teams and clog the lane its fair game IMO.


I think theres a HUGE difference in just sitting on whatever player is farthest away from the Opponent controlled player and letting the CPU play defense, vs constant switching to try and get steals/blocks and force constant pressure & turnovers


Great minds think alike.


Or the guy that will immediately switch to another player as soon as you pass it to their guy


Constant off/ on ball switching is the way to go. Straight up off ball is different thing entirely.


If only that was the way ppl played in 2k. For most ppl the only time people see their opponents username is on the loading screen in mtu other than that I think their name is pippen, jordan, or payton.

Let’s end this once and for all today :joy: then we’ll get to EQ too lmao

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This topic:

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@EarvGotti thanks for the @ Im about to watch and comment.

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