This the only way im finna wear laker uniforms

caron butler though :eyes:


That’s :fire::fire::fire:

Why they still include the stupid Wish logo? Lol

Clippers literally have a dating app on their jersey

Those would sell pretty damn well.

Fresh, but they would owe Nipsey Family a lot of money for that logo/font if they did it. But would be dope to run that uniform on his bday or own his Memorial Day.

those are gross :face_vomiting:

Not digging the palm trees, but a Nipsey jersey would be sick.

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It’s their sponsor, they get loads of $$$ for that small logo.

I think almost every team has one! There was one still with no logo last year, but I can’t remember which one.

Yeah I know, I meant in regards to doing a fake jersey mock up, the artist still including it seems silly

Those r :fire: #RIPNIP