This stuff has to just be automated

They’re out here highlighting a guaranteed diamond Obi Tobbin in the pack market. That’s a card that got released 40 days ago and sells for 9k MT. Can’t imagine any conscious person looking at the state of MyTeam rn and thinking “you know what the people are yearning for? Paying 15k VC for a Diamond Obi Tobbin”

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Lol. Idk if the ticker that shows what someone just pulled is real or not. But when they released a VC pack for diamond Wilt. I repeat - diamond Wilt. You know, the season 1 card that nobody cares about and hasn’t cared for months now, it showed people actually pulling him from the pack. Meaning that people were buying this pack. Wtf are you people doing? Spending 15k VC on a fucking diamond Wilt. This can’t be real, can it?

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Sad to say but i sold the game, and sold my console. The game has potential but the course of myteam and the players who play this shit just absolutely ruin the experience for people actually looking to build a realistic squad and play the game as a fan of basketball.


MyTeam hasnt been basketball since 2k16, and even then, it was treading thin ice.

However, the core gameplay is really nice when using standard teams.

Now they give us an Amy JLin for the LNY event, and instead og just giving us the card you get a ball drop where JLin is the only possible price and you have a 100% chance of getting him? Make this make sense man, atm 2k23 MyTeam would not pass the Turing Test.