This requires separate topic, Domination all time Scam 😂

This score netted me 855 MT and was NOT enough for 900 all time dom. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The actual? I had few more teams to do to get to 60 tokens for 1st Diamond in diamond token market, but i’m finally FREE from offline. NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN!


Def a scam you have all the requirements except free throw but that shouldn’t matter since you killed them

On the bright side you’re one of the best all time domination shooters on the planet :joy:


That Allan Houston is a glitch :joy:

Yeah that’s bull. I can see why though, no bonus from 10+ free throws and not a lot of rebounds. It seems domination points are all about defence and fast break points

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Yah. Defense nets you the most points. 3 for a shot contest, 6 for a block, 6 for a rebound, three stops in a row gives 12. A single rebound gives as much MT as 3 dribble drives.

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I don’t even go for the free throws and 3s. Just make sure I get stops, rebounds and assists.

Are you greening these to shoot like this, or with Houston, you’re able to shoot at really high level with a lot of “full white” releases?

It was about 50/50 on whites and greens. I don’t know what’s the story with that card but I tried Ray Allen (and Kobe among others) and no one shoots like him. Not even close.

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I sure wouldn’t know, but maybe it’s the difference in badging.

Flexible barely activated and I guess hot zone runner helped mostly.

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I was down by 6 against All Time OKC with 1 min and 5 sec left, and Houston made 3 three’s to win me the game. He’s just on another level to any other card on the game shooting wise.

Hot zone and Green machine would be my main suspects.

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Bailey Howell may be up there for a top tier card/shooter. no steady shooter and high 3 ball with an easy to green jumper

I offball with my center and play half court trap you get easy steals and free blocks of the center drives I get about 1100 mt per all time game

since a couple years ago ugly games give more points. It used to be you had to do 7 seconds or less and just gun them into submission, nowadays a 50-40 slug fest will result in a higher MT count than whatever the hell you just managed (definitely impressive)


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38 assists not enough??? smh

I just completed 8 wins in all time dominations. will continue tomorrow after i get back drose (to help me to be atleast competitive with CPU’s), which i sold this morning.

Damn I must be garbage because I shoot 40% on my best day lol