This MT Sale is pretty wild... (PS4 & PC)

I’m definitely not a sponsor lol, but has a wild sale on MT right now. $6.02 per 100k on PS4 and $1.99 per 100k on PC. Not sure if anyone made a thread about it, but just wanted to put y’all on in case y’all were tryna cop MT for Opal MJ. There’s also a coupon code you can throw in (5mmocom) for 5%

This legit?

Yeah they are

Not really a deal on pc btw

Yeah man the delivery is usually quick (under 30 minutes) but the longest I’ve waited is 2 hours, they usually send an email saying to list another player if they can’t find yours tho.

Good to know. Those are some great prices for sure. How long is this sale going to last?

I used MMOAF to get the last MT for Giannis. With the discount code I could buy a mil for $56 at one point.

Til the 10th. And true my bad @hoosiertailgate, I have PS4 and I knew off rip that was a dope sale lmao

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