This might still be cheese

Just a heads up to you guys about some cheese I used in 2k20 for TT Offline that might help if it’s still in the game. I havent played much 2k21 so I’m not sure. Bring the ball up the court and press LB for pass and screen away BEFORE you cross half court. You will see one of your teammates stand near halfcourt on one side of the court. Go behind him on whichever side he is, pass it to him and then cross halfcourt and cut to the rim. You will see your defender double team the guy you just passed to leading to a Quick STS kind of motion with you wide open going to the rim. Hope this still works and helps, if not then my bad.


No video? Slacker. :yum:


haha been using it forever and just thought of it. I see some people saying TTO is a bit sweaty and that worked flawless last year.

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Last year I ran to the corner called a screen the defender backed off and I hit a three. Now you can’t even make threes lol

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I think everyone is waiting for your next big tip. Going to be tough topping that Xbox home button glitch. :rofl:

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Does the looping around in a circle still work? I used to just do a big loop with a fast guard and the CPU would get lost shuffling around lol. Amythest Giannis and 2 bronze Cs above 6’11" might still be cheese too.

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I’m not sure will have to try it out

May not be many more tips from me. Haven’t really touched 2K

CPU is way better at cutting off those angles now. Needs to be a pretty big speed difference between ball handler and defender for it to work consistently.


oh ok, maybe they’d stop the cheese i just described too. Curious to know if it still works, that was an auto 2pts

No, a lot of the old tricks still work. I still use a lot of lead passes like you describe. That and lots of p&r/oop cheese.

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Yea defensive mechanics are better. the run around was the biggest annoyance for me in 2k20 on defense.

One cross over and my cpu defender had 0 LQ

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Yeah, CPU also won’t immediately back up anymore when you set a corner screen. Bummer.

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Off ball D must be so much easier now

Will try this later, thanks.

One trick I use In ttoffline Is to call for the floppy play, once both of your players are under the rim hit pass and screen away, your players will run to the perimeter and once you see the cpu pick up speed chasing after your players, hold Y/triangle to make your player cut for a basket at the rim. I use a team of bronze players who have good speed

Edit: here’s a quick vid


thanks, I’ll try this

one thing which works reasonably well is calling a screen at half court, passing to the screener and holding Y/triangle for the cut