This might make you feel better

matched with ty today and he was struggling shooting too lol

he in the labbing trying shooting with the stick after seeing me green threes with posey with the stick lol

just lab folks not saying stick is meta but be open to all options


Next year we’ll be solving complex math problems in order to green shots


I would be much better at that versus the shot stick.


Did you win?

technically i did lol he quit hahahah

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What was the score when he quit?

I played RJ watts and he dropped 70 on me and hit mostly greens…Friday.

Nothing is wrong, some people are just finding the groove a little faster, we’ll all be caught up soon.

Boyyyyy if we were doing math for this shit I’d be insane lol

I just turned the aiming off and I’m using square, feels easier

he was winning when he quit lol

i think he was up like 10

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Why do you guys keep shooting with the stick if it’s that bad? Just turn it off

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On Xbox, how do you turn aiming off so you can just use X? I’ve freestyled this stick and aim thing for hours and am getting nowhere.