This meta does not bring only dunks

I was just training first time with Draymond (+shoe) a little bit for iso situations. As much as I love him, he shouldnt be playing like this ffs. I would be expecting those shots to go in from Curry, Lillard and max 2-3 other people (cant really think about anyone else rn).
This is on Allstar (training usually on that to get releases and combos down), not a single green btw. No wonder supermax is such a freak show.

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This forward leaning 3 after 2 pump fakes killed me. What on earth. Dray only takes standing still shots when very open in real life. And no movement. Crazy.

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I wanted to do just Curry-like stepback without stopping the dribble, but didnt do it well, so just tried a shot and boom :smiley:

This is gonna drive the price of draymond with a shoe up even more. Delete this lol

Supermax is different though I can go 20/21 in the gym pretty easily

Haha. Ingame it will work mostly only with guys with a rare combination of HOF difficults shots, limitless range, DRD and tireless scorer imo.

Not that many cards with this combination.

edit: hmm, actually there are far more players with that combination than I expected :smiley:

Point is, Dray should go on something like this maybe 2/20 even in a gym and that two would be lucky.

I just checked too. A lot more than I expected :joy:

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The amount of op cards I’ve come across with filters on 2kmtc really made me hate the game more lol


He probably would make too high of % on such shots in a game, online or offline, but I generally am able to shoot way higher % of super-deep and/or moving threes in Freestyle than I can when there is a defender within “Wide Open” range.

I’m sure Draymond can do that in real life alone in the gym.

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Anyone consider that all shots in training are wide open? it might skew the percentage of shots that go in?

Standing still, very possibly. Off dribble, no.

Ofc, we were talking about it.

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But isn’t this what you guys want. Every player is juiced beyond their real life counterparts. Wilt can drain threes, Curry can dunk, everyone has 99 clamps, bigs can shoot better than guards. This doesn’t stop people from pulling packs and playing supermax

Sadly youre not wrong