This Kuz moments gona be

CRAZY NASTY!!! whatya think

Great game 41 heading into the 4th!

Imagine getting rested when you could have easily gone for 50 and padded your rebounds as well

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Dude JUST recovered from a back injury, no reason to put him into a blowout game where he could possibly re-injure himself. Dude is the 2nd best player on this team, they need him healthy


93 3 coming soon

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The warriors did that to both Curry and Klay several times before. Zero gripes from them

I know, I know, look after the injuries and all but with that game he is the youngest laker rookie in a long time to score 40 and could have got 50 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Kuzma better than Kobe confirmed.

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Damn Ingram can’t score 35 and he has had 3 years, this kid could really help lakers get another star next year, he is one of the only guys from last year’s draft to have a great second year, him and fox come to mind

Card gonna be nice on offense. Might not be able to speed boost and defense will surely not be too good. Passing might be pretty low too.

we’ll see it in february


Probably. Hopefully an Amy card,so he won’t be that expensive as well

T-minus 1 month until we get this Kuzma card!!! So excited!

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He went 5/10 from 3. Don’t expect anything crazy. He won’t have rebounding, he had no assists with 2 turnovers, also no steals or blocks. He’ll just have good inside scoring and mid 80s 3 point. Might have a 90 mid