This is why this game mode is a piece of shit

Check this out…

I beat my friend (he has diamond TMac, etc.) by 12, 97-85. I Shot 63% from the field and 58% from 3.

However, my opponent outrebounded me 20 TO 4 on the offensive class, and shot 8 more free throws than I (13 versus 5). I was outrebounded in whole 39 to 16. My best rebounder, 7’4” Ralph Sampson with near-perfect rebounding stats and HoF Hustle Rebounder had 1 rebound, and was outrebounded by Amethyst Drummond (11 boards), Amethyst Davis (7 rebounds), Diamond Cousins (4 rebounds), and Diamond Aldridge (4 rebounds).

I am at fucking loss for words. A 12-Point game should have been a 30-40 Point game had 2K not given my friend 2-3 extra chances per possession.

This is the reason I will not be playing NBA 2K for the rest of my life once this summer ends. This is by far the worst sports game I have ever played.


Learn how to board better fam.

This shit happens a majority of the games I play, whether it be with Diamond Hakeem, Kareem, etc. at center or this behemoth of a player model in Ralph Sampson.

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Boxing out is probably the one thing in this game that I cannot control besides whether a shot goes in or not. I have tried off-balling at times, purposefully taking shots when my centers are in great boxout position, but nope. They move out of the way once the shot is taken or jump the complete opposite way of the ball — if they jump at all. The fact that my opponents’ big men continuously jump over my 7 footers is just so disgusting and unrealistic — especially when it results in a put back each fucking time.

I mean play style also effects how much you board as well. Are you 5 outing and constantly jumping at shots with your C?:smirk:

I don’t 5-out. Never have, never will. I pass probably 8-9 times per possession if need be.

Did your friend constantly run the pick and roll? Does he run a 3-2 or does he spread the floor?

He doesn’t adjust any defensive settings and plays on-ball man defense.

I remember a similar topic on another forum. The guy was also outrebounded badly and his center was also Ralph Sampson. Maybe old chap Ralph simply ain’t good in this game?

Ralph gets it done believe me.

But Diamond Shaq, Diamond Hakeem, Diamond Kareem, and my Amethyst Dwight Howard all have this issue. Sometimes they play fine, and then others I just get outrebounded on the offensive glass by 15+.

You also say diamond Curry is GOAT. I don’t know how to believe you after that.

I’ve never once claimed that diamond Curry is GOAT, I don’t know where you get your information from bud.


Cherry couldn’t pop :grin:
I won a sm game 2 days ago :nerd_face: Offensive rebounds were similar to this. I had like 4-5, opp had around 20 (more than my defensive ones lol). He hit 4/4 free throws, i hit 20/20. 72pts total.

You know that if you hit more shots, less rebounds there are.

Depends on formation a lot. My Center sometime dont have anything boards cuz he is boking out and pf grabs all boards

Do you set crash the boards or run in transition

Looking at his stats maybe he was taking bad shots or missing when your Center came to help and his bigs wents for boards with no contest

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I cannot even play supermax normally. The lag is killing me.

I wish people would stop making excuses for the broken ass rebounding in this game. It’s obvious that it’s a way for 2K to manipulate things and keep games close. Makes me sick.


Doesnt help that he had 13 turnovers compared to 5. If u remove points off turnovers, its pretty even.

I am assuming you have Webber and Draymond at the 4? Who did your opponent have? You will struggle on the boards with 6’9 and under PFs. The type of freelance you play matters as well. If you opponent has two 7 footers in there AND playing a 3out 2in, he is going to kill on the glass.

If this is happening all the time to you, with elite bigs, maybe post some gameplay and people can see some things that you might try to work on.