This is why the Celtics are down 3-1 lmao

Aye get y’all mans


Is that Jason Derulo

Jaylon Brown

He tryna summon the spirit of Lil Saint for that W lmao


Jaylen Brown thinks he’s Chris Brown. Giannis stomping the Celtics and he’s out here trying to Stomp The Yard. :rofl:


Nah kyrie is the reason Jaylen just enjoying life

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That little jump split though. Lmao


Jaylen out here thirst trappin’ for the gram. Kyrie is bricking 3s.



Looks like he got 2 hype watching Step Up 2 The Streets. Moose got him feeling some type of way. Needs to go play NBA Street with Kyrie.


I’m fine with him and the other guys doing things like this. Kyrie is the reason the Celtics are down 3-1 not Jaylen Brown dancing in the rain

We have three guys on the roster who could average 20 pts with Tatum, Hayward and Brown, just need a defensive pass-first PG to maximize their scoring potential

When Kyrie is on the court he plays a lot of iso ball and that is not how this team is designed to run. He’s a great player but I just think it’s time for both the Celtics and him to split up



That jump though :joy:

He just looked mopey all the damn time. He’s like the Jay Cutler of the NBA. Sorry but we need a Tom Brady, passionate about winning and his entire team feeds off that energy. He needed to be a better leader and I just never saw it on the court, maybe behind closed doors he pushed his teammates and led them, but I never got the impression that he did.

Hahahaha that’s a perfect personality comparison for Kyrie. Even if he’s playing lights out his mood just ruins the team

Could Rozier step up and start if Kyrie leaves? Is he good enough

He fits the role better but he’s nowhere near the talent of Kyrie. So Al, Tatum and Brown will all have to step up and help replace Kyries production. Along side Hayward and Rozier.
And our defense will be a lot better

This might sound crazy but I think Ricky Rubio could be a good fit and I think he’ll be a FA

Kyrie just cant be the best player or leader of a team