This is what this game should be played like

Just running fun little random lineups like this, not having to sweat my ass off or worry about anything just actually having fun with the game


Next year I don’t want matchmaking by overall. I want matchmaking by average height, lol.


Whats really is annoying is I took an all sapphire team DSJ, Bagley, and Lavine into TT offline the other day and even the CPU cheesed me. They had PD Giannis, MJ, and Magic lmao. I was like damn board 7 came to play today.

Last week I got fed up with playing the CPU defense that i finished domination because it was more satisfying than playing mtu


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Gonna try this in MTU later.

I like to win. This community is too toxic for me to be out here letting Blake Griffin post spin on my 6ft point guard all game. They’ll flash pause and send hate mail afterwards. I’ll stick with the W’s for now.

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I really don’t care at this point of the game, I enjoy breaking ankles, which as long as the one outta ten ppl I play play onball I get to see it lol

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In case anyone is wondering tho, this lineup is an L, fun to run the theme, but an L lol