This is what happens when servers are trash

I actually go outside for once!

Just kidding: enjoying some birthday baseball with the only Bay area team I can actually go for.


Happy birthday bro!

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Happy Birthday and Go Giants!

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Can you explain me, why baseball is so popular in the US? Tradition thing? I honestly watched like 5 games in my life and dont know the rules that well, but I hardly can think of more boring sport to watch.

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Hands down my favorite bay area venue.

Represent represent. Happy Birthday bro. Fuck the Dodgers!


I grew up watching and playing baseball it was popular then. It is slow but very entertaining when your invested in it


Different strokes for different folks. Lot more intricacies in baseball strategy than basketball. That’s one reason some people might enjoy it more.

Baseball has been around in US since 1876, whereas basketball didn’t start until 1946. So longevity is probably a part of it.


Happy Birthday from Max Muncy!

Happy Birthday enjoy it bro

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Happy Birthday bro!
Enjoyyy :innocent:

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It’s difficult to get into it when you didn’t grow up playing it and you can’t go to games. I played and watched baseball growing up (ever since I can remember) and I’ll be the first to admit it doesn’t translate to TV well. As someone said it’s a pretty intricate, strategy oriented sport (“a thinking man’s game” I remember one of my coaches always said) and if you aren’t in the know about all the rules and strategy it can def be boring.

casecall is fuccing coring cut going to a game is actually fire asf. playoff caseball is cool to

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Always wanted to get a kayak & paddle around in McCovey Cove. How much are the beers at “Pac Bell” park? I know its not Pac bell anymore.

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12 for a bud light and 14.75 for a craft beer :skull:. Typical SF prices. Rent is even worse.

And yea now it’s Oracle Park :face_vomiting:

Happy Birthday!

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It will forever be AT&T to me.

Lol what?! The only bay area team you can go for?

Jesus christ man, they didn’t even lose yet! Bandwagon emptying early this year.