This is the most political correct sensitive forum that I've ever been apart of

And I was a regular on Gamefaqs. :joy::joy::joy::pensive:

cant say cuCk :sleepy:

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I think it’s because most of us are adults who don’t use the internet to act out of character.


Did I miss something?

Can’t say retarded either. Oops

Has nothing to do with being adults. Society has gotten soft over the years. I’m 41 and I miss calling a duck a duck. Only great comedians have true freedom of speech these days. Unless you’re talking about Trump.




And comics are losing it to ask Louie ck :rofl:

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Comedians are losing it for sure.

Alot more button pushing comedians are getting headhunted on twitter. Some jokes may be unfunny but no comedian should be censored from any topic IMO


He jacked off to unsuspecting females, that’s not a constitutional right.


Damn I was just thinking about him with that parkland joke that got recorded and leaked .

Did you just assume my gender???

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Not related to his comedy.

If every entertainment personality had to be enjoyed only if his private life was spotless, well thats MJ’s music off the menu, no more Cosby show, no R Kelly music and im missing a lot better examples too

Separate the human from the entertainment product they create

But his material was real life inspired :ok_hand: :rofl:

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R kelly trash and he peed on ppl he doesn’t deserve to be a human being

Hard to find a forum with a perfect balance. This one is a little too overboard with the policing of posts, but 2kmtcentral got to the point where it was literally unusable cause of all the nonsense that was posted on there.


WWE erased Benoit from their history. It happens.

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Theres a good saying; dont shit where you eat. But each to their own.

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As a person sure, but I believe i can fly is still a banger of a song, and its entertainment.

As a person I agree with your statement on him, but I don’t see the reward of having to have all this thought process for something thats unrelated to that.

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Yeah Im a big WWE fan, but that is totally different

Benoit’s autopsy reported his brain resembled a 70 year old alzheimers victim.

its often suggested his diving headbutt was a definite part. Wrestling played a part in his decay, it makes sense to not connect him with wrestling and not bring his memory back as it was a tragedy.

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