This is just the beginning

This is just the beginning

Reasons why I feel you guys are over exaggerating:

  1. Magic has been in the game for a couple weeks now and he’s 6’9 yet y’all have a meltdown when Luka drops

  2. If you’re locking in sets and have been playing my team the last couple of years it’s your own fault I’m sorry

  3. Luka actually plays PG in real life.

  4. Lebron may get a card and if he does so fucking what. Giannis will not get a PG card so please stop saying this bs and Ben Simmons won’t matter until his PD next year

So guys stop over exaggerating every little thing that 2k does we know the company we’re dealing with either stop playing or deal with it it’s that simple. Everyday there’s a post complaining about the game from the same people. I’m playing the same game as y’all as are others we see the bs but we call it bs and keep it pushing.

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Same company that wouldn’t make Bron, Simmons, Harden, Luka PGs day 1 under some bogus “protect the meta” stance. Wouldn’t even make Shaun Livingston or freaking Sapphire Dlo a PG.

Even locked Magic behind a ridiculous set of hoops. Just to drop Luka at PG pure bs money grab. People need to voice their opinions that’s the only reason the token rewards cards have quick draw now.


Who’s mans is this🤣. Everyday something new broke. Just don’t read the post and keep it pushin

I do lmao you don’t see me commenting under every post. You can do what you want but the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. That’s my peace on the matter not about to argue with anyone lol

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What r u even talkin about lmaO u silly just today people bussin packs for cards that ain’t even loaded in the game. Don’t be against the grain for a drop of clout. Ppl vent

Dude y’all act like this is breaking news :joy::joy: it’s happened in the past 2ks as well you never open packs until you see a card in the AH. My bad though I guess I’m more experienced at the game mode. And I can care less about clout.

I just WIN I don’t care who’s at PG mr luka at point just got 30 pieced it’s really not that hard to play against

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Ok so everything cool in 2k land just follow your 1-4 rules to myteam :joy:

At the end of the day if the cons outway the pros why keep playing the game? That’s all I’m saying and guys act like Luka is game breaking and automatically start throwing “Lebron and Giannis PG moments card incoming”. And do you what you want I’m winning and enjoying the game the way I wanna play even though it’s some things I’d like changed but I can deal with it if it’s not changed instead of complainibg about every little thing 2k does as though we don’t know what we are dealing with

No one said he was gamebreaking he and Magic are Insta blow bys. I said those cards Simmons, Bron are coming because they obviously are lol

I actually agree with your point about luka. If odds bad everyone should speak on it. If they sellin empty packs we should speak on it. If they is a 1000 gb patch that don’t fix anything we should speak on it. If there is a stupid substitute patch that breaks subs we should speak on it. Stop trying to be Martin Luther king of myteam

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I wasn’t directing that to you in another thread I saw someone say that. And the only LBJ point guard card I can see is if the Lakers PGs get hurt or a card from his rookie year in Cleveland

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Fair enough. Speaking of LeBron hes been leading the league in assists since day 1.

Averaging 11 per game. His PG card long over due I need that.

Yea shits crazy but I don’t think they’d put him PG though especially since they didn’t even give Harden PG secondary but this is 2k

SG/PG Harden on deck once he gets a high assist triple double or Russ misses a game.

Pg Harden don’t. Scare me one bit lol

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Complaining about complainers. Gotta love it. I’m sorry that it pisses me off when they release the same card twice.

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3 days later…


Simmons and Bron next.

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Was he worth it? Sorry I only started playing this year lol

I mean GO MJ was a great card, but I bought him for over 1mil MT and sold less than a week later for 250k or so, then bought him back a week or so after that for around 100k.

1mil MT down to 100k in less than a month is pretty tough for a card to drop in value.

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