This is just getting ridiculous

10 games in a row of TTO offballers. The shit is easy to beat as I won all 10, but this is the worst it’s been. I literally have to call for a cut on almost every possession to expose these ball watchers. People just refuse to pvp in my team I guess😕


Yup this game is too much right now.

This is why I stick to offline


Whenever I see someone just switch to offball on their first defensive possession, whether it be TTO or MTU I legit don’t want to play.

Like what’s the damn point anymore?

I have a godsquad and I’ll win nearly every game easily, but I just don’t have fun anymore.


Play park. Its fun. Everyone on balls lol

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Park has been so much better since they removed shoving and implemented an actual shot contest system.

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I just started after all that so i missed the shit show. But yes. Im enjoying park a lot

Lmao the one mode they can’t hide from because people will straight up expose you if you have poor defense

I just need to get my PF from my old PS4.

Rec is better than park.

I’m mainly a mycareer player and park is just infuriating in terms of actually getting games.
People dodging, not wanting to play with other people and so on.
Then you get a squad and win 2-3 games, people dodge you again.

If you spent an hour in park, maybe 20mins is actual game time.

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If next year doesn’t have a matchmaking system I probably wont play a single park game

I’m glad I’m not gonna play MyTeam diehard next year, shit like this reminds me how much sense it makes to stop playing this mode

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I only play when i got a squad. I like rec too. Enjoy running as a pg

Yeah me too, but people just dodge and don’t wan to step on when you get a winstreak.

Rec is much more enjoyable.

While I prefer to on-ball, TTO’s lack of defensive settings make playing on-ball a losing strategy for the majority of folks if your opponent has any dribbling skills whatsoever. As soon as your opponent touches the paint, one or both of your AI teammates immediately leaves their guy(s) wide open at the 3 point line to “help”.

I find losing to the “drive-kick, drive-kick, drive-kick” folks unbearable.


I do, it’s the only break I can get. I’ve always been more of a park player before my team.

Offline for easy tokens.

But offballing means you give up 2 points every single time on defense. I would rather try my luck with threes tbh.

All I’ll say is this: I play D with Wilt in TTO, except for occasionally maneuvering over screens or against a crafty dribbler/shooter. I win 95% of my TTO games, almost always clear the board with one or zero losses.

And how about this TTO packs stash :laughing:

But if you’re getting easy wins, keep stacking those rewards man! Nothing to complain about :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


:joy:I threw up at that camera angle a little bit.