This is fine



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Bro you lost that?

17-1 O BOARDS?

Damn wtf


bro got lil kids out there in the paint

All center lineup? There’s no other explanation for that 17-1 offensive boards

They alwaslys fuck you over on the offensive boards. pretty much gifting the lesser team

Nop. He had Bron(PD)KD(PD)/Gobert i used Love/AD/Gobert.

I swear to god this new algorithm tweak tilts rebounds in an exact 2-1 favor. This shit is mathematically impossible how frequent it’s a 2-1 edge.

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Brooo it do be like that. I had a game as well yesterday where I only had 1 offensive rebound with Giannis/Shaq and AD/Sabonis on the court. I almost lost my shit. Somehow still won by 2 in the end but had to turn the console off after that.

TTO is the same way. got Hakeem and Sabo getting out rebounded by Curry and Tmac

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And only 3 turnovers. I can tell that was the most frustrating game of your 2K life.

Damnn bro we just talked bout the offensive rebound trash yesterday too lol

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Welp the equalizer just f***** you over heavy :upside_down_face:

And don’t get me started on this Rik Smits motherfucker, somehow the cheesiest card on the game, grabs every rebound regardless of who I put on him.


Actually it wasint lol. I am kinda used to this getting destroyed on board in 1 of 6-7 games. Lost my 12 game earlier got destroyed on the glass by Ewing and Larry both diamonds while i used KG and Towns, go figure.

I’m just glad I’m not the only one playing games like this.

4/27 from 3 sounds about right. lmfao.

He was actually jacking contested 3’s in my face and getting every single rebound, so yah. About right.

Same shit in TTO

I’m running GO CWebb, GO Garnett, PD sabonis

Beat GO Giannis and GO Rudy Gay squad by 8

Next up— Diamond Myers Leonard, Diamond Dell fucking Curry, and PD Steph

Dell Fucking Curry gets 3 offensive boards over KG

Steph hits 6 of 8 moving threes, some of them contested

Lose by 2

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