This has got to stop

you guys wanna take pics of things n send them to 2k send all this in I did. He called all his time outs n used all his pause time which is fine I guess. Then he started making things real laggy where it says waiting for opponet to restore connection. When the clock would get to 1 he would stop the lag then start again. After 5 times he let it run out. When I hit accept win it went to a load screen for a minute then booted me to main menu n I got the loss. We have to stop people from doing this type of BS!!!


Kareem at the 2? Yeah ok I wouldn’t be too happy either


Shit things happen to shit people I guess


How do people do this? I’ve played people without cheesing and just straight up beat them and they will just do stuff like this anyway. Run the pause timer down, make the game lag as u said. Just things will get sketchy and I’ll get a Loss in a 20 point victory.

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Actually play straight up and this type of shit might not happen to you, kid. Don’t feel bad for you at all.


There’s just too many ways to take advantage of glitches

Makes the game not fun at all

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Yeah kinda like that glitch where you run 7’2 Kareem at SG worst glitch ever

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Is Kareem really good at sg? This is the second thread I’ve seen someone complain about Kareem at sg. He can’t even shoot lol . What is the lineup where this actually works? Who is at center if Kareem is at the 2?

Well if someone runs a normal shooting guard you can post with Kareem


I’m sure the dumbass just uses him for off ball screens, or posts people up with him.

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I had Blake at the 2 n kAreem at the 4 i just switch their matchups to get an advantage on fast break n that must have confused him

hold up are we not going to acknowledge that Mug tried to black out his name several times (extremely poorly) and then forgot to block it out at the very bottom :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


How does 6’10 PD PF Blake at SG sound any better mugs, why would you waste money and time on a game your not good at, if that’s how you play than your just sad cuzzy

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It is what it is, 2k is ok with it what can we do… If mug wants to play that way… Whatever

More satisfying to get a win with a some what traditional team against a line up like his to me

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bro why did you post thinking people were going to have sympathy for you. People went off on you yesterday and they’re going to today too. Learn dude


listen I dont like Mug. Hes a narcissistic, dumb, internet loser who thinks super highly of himself and isnt actually good at the game and relies on cheesing. But I do think its super lame to lag switch or cheat like that against cheesers. A lot of the time Cheesers resort to that because it got done to them. Like me. Today I lost to the guy who placed 2nd and he 5 out Iso PIck n fade EVERY POSSESSION. Guess what? when im in the tourney next weekend Im going to do the exact same bullshit.


I honestly couldn’t imagine sitting down and wasting hours on a game I have to essentially cheat by running players out of position to win and enjoy the game, just mindbogglkng you’d waste your time go play Runescape I heard that shit was lit again


Lol the last to people playing for 250k are going to have the most idiotic line ups ever seen

2k will try to talk it up, but it’ll just make them look even more dumb

Don’t want sympathy but next week it could not be me it could be you or one of your boys. The point is 2k should patch these kinda exploits

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Or that could position lock players and then you’d have to buy a new game mugs because you’d be ass just like last year’s tourneys when you shit the bed