This game will not be counted

I’m just really unlucky have not been able to unlock the auction house with my games not counting of getting a lost after a win


You talked to 2Ksupport about it?

Sent a ticket and got no response yet but still kinda sucks

Yep my domination game didnt count
Two of my 3v3 online didnt count

I learned to not go to team comparison cause it’ll crash my game and give me the L even if i do it after the game

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Bro my first game played I faced some dude running Sapphire Lebron at point and trying to cheese. I beat him by 13 and the game didn’t count. Then the next game I’m just beating this dude with Amy Westbrook that I got for free from playing mycareer and then in the 3rd got a message saying this game will not be counted. Cmon bro give me my wins so I can start making mt on the market and get my diamond finely

Love how they gave lebron and giannis a low 3pt to start

Its not too bad to guard rn

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Very true but idk if it’s just me but shooting hella easy this year

How do you get amy westbrook?

Everythings a light contest lol cant wait till diamond tmac

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Facts Tmac with this lack of contest gonna be stupid broken

I got it out a random pack I got from playing mycareer. It was a random league pack and I got lucky and pulled sapphire Tatum and amythest Westbrook

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It’s been 18 and still no response from 2k and my goals still glitched and my wins are rewarding losses gg