This Game smh

When you win the game and still lose points because of substitution exploit.How is this not patched 2k is the most pathetic company on this planet. How are you supposed to move up in tiers if every game your winning the dude gonna just sub glitch you smh…

Note: don’t tell anyone who asks how to do the glitch, that just spreads the disease and we don’t want that.

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Same thing happened to me. The user was cutie3145926 on ps4. I sent the screenshots to 2ksupport, i advise u to do the same.

I did that the one i faced was Ninjagamer1993 on xb1. I sent 2ksupport a video too. what ended up happening was both our games froze since i just let the timer running. I really hope 2k is banning people for doing this, its game breaking .

why don’t you just quit?

I’m not tryna let them get a win if they got stomped. Hell no id rather we both take the loss smh

I thought when they sub glitch now and you quit they get the loss?

idk possibly. ill quit next time to see.