This game phuking sucks!

I’m sick of this game so much, 2k ruined it! ITs so fucking one sided all the time. I hate scripted fucking basketball. These guys that make this game do not know a mother fucking thing about basketball. IT shows for online play, WTF!!!

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How many FUCKING SCRIPTED TURNOVERS have to happen to give the other guy the win>>???

Fuck you 2k sports, I hate you programing fucking morons!

Maybe take the night off AJ


I’m not kidding, this game is fucking Evil in its programming. I hope they see this big FUCK YOU!

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Ive barely played lately because its so bad, but I am trying for 1 god damn win. What ends up happening is the game continues to create turnovers and bad shots for no fucking reason. While the guy I play is able to stay in the game the entire time and then gets the win barely at the end,


I’m just so sick and tired of being equalized. Its a stain on my account from 2k and it makes this game miserable. So I am getting scripted situations where i can go up 10-15 and then I can’t even fucking run. I can’t pass and every animation is set up for a big run against me.

2k are a bunch of money greedy fuck heads that use programing to make their money. They didnt make agame for fun, they made a program to screw people and deceive them.

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Last game, every time I got open my guy would not shoot the ball right away. Its always there, it happens in any game I have a problem trying to win. There are many other moments in the game where 2ks programing interferes with the outcome changing the course of the game. Its so obvious, it pisses me right the fuck off.

I want 2k to be known for this shit.

Big refresh tomorrow with new season, whatever you are trying to do now is not worth the stress. I barely play online now because I know how bad it is, just stick to offline and reward chasing


It should be a big stamp on the game, not intended for fair use. May be subject to bad luck based on algorithms

I only needed one win and 2k teases me with bull shit.

I didnt go for vince carter because 2k knows how to waste our time.

One of two things is happening @AJ49689

  1. There are 2k employees watching a stream of your gameplay and laughing at their manipulation of your game

  2. 2k keeps making it really easy for your opponents.

Take a break bro

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the equalizer is fiction. if you play consistently strong at a distance you will realize your mistakes. and of course there are accidents


I feel you man. The other game I’m inbounding the ball to Tyreke (99 ball handling) not even dribbling yet and there’s Shaq scratching my back with spamming steal button and somehow ball gets poked out of bounds and it’s my opponent’s ball! Crazy stuff


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Been playing since 2k8, the equalizer is very, very real.


Lol yup. It’s always “arg! I’ve turned the ball over again! Clearly it’s 2ks fault and not mine for making a dumb pass! And clearly me getting enraged and even more careless now has nothing to do with the turnovers about to follow”

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never seen a gaming community blame anything but themselves for losing more than 2k lol

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You are out of pocket because anyone who plays this game knows that 50% of the time it’s some bullshit going on. This is easily the worst 2K game of all time.