This game is a JOKE

Lost by 1.

3 Illegal screens
3 secon violation when it was done by CPU
2 missed wide open dunks
Draymond refusing to run (cant cancel celebration animation to save my life) after scoring a basket so i eat 3 on other end

Was 7-0 (grinding to get to 11 for next month), i now lost twice at 7-0 and once at 10-0 by like 1-3 points each time, i have missed wide open dunks/got multiple illegal screens and some other BS. Against good players every point counts, this bullshits is so beyond everything, i can’t even :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am a calm person and have only lost my temper badly a handful of times in my entire life and in hindsight all (with the exception of one) for good or fair reason.

The one time I snapped a controller because of 2k was this year…that wasnt for good reason…in fact it was a very stupid reason…since then I laugh…If I ever get angry to the same extent again I will never play the game ever again, sometimes the game just tries to test us!


I get angry maybe for good 10 minutes, and i dont throw stuff around, but the bullshit i got in that game is like??? I mean, i get it, sometimes there can be some random stuff, but imagine getting 2 illegal screens and and 2 missed dunks in 4 possessions in a row, the fuck is that :sunglasses:

it is frustrating, when I feel frustration building I try to relate it to watching an NBA game (I watch a lot) and think that calls get blown, occasionally things go very wrong and teams that dont deserve to win end up winning

To put it another way sometimes “sh1t happens”

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Nothing worse that illegal screens. You literally have no control over it.


Same with wide open missed dunks.


So fucking true and I’ll add the stupid cpu teammate that fouls the ball handler (when you play fucking on-ball defense) that you guard when the cpu is nearby.

Also when you’re about to pass to an open teammate who just did a great cut. The cpu suddenly reach in fouls you.

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Forgot to add those to original post, got like 3 of them to in that game :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I dont run plays more than 3-5 times a game because of the illegal screen bullshit and the pick n roll / pick n fade being OP

I did earlier this year but yeah we know how this game turned out


All these good pink diamonds out now makes it real easy for off ballers. That pisses me off.

I don’t understand why you guys complain about off-balling, this is seriously make your job more easy… (I mean it easier to score agaisnt off-baller)

Guess what? It’s not an 8 second violation because it was a fantasy domination game.and they made a heavily contested basket by jordan after that.

Or you switch to oft ball because you have to correct a Position and your on ball defender has nothing better to do than reach and foul with 5s on the clock. Like 55 def IQ…


Varies from game to game.

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Honestly every game players play different. I never ever try to go 12 and 0 and it’s not worth the stress because its out of our hands so frequently due to equalizer etc