This game drives me nuts

I can’t play more then 3 or 4 games of unlimited before I want to stop playing 2k forever. I don’t even have to be mad, just done. The benefit of the doubt, some games are just too one sided. Most of these games wouldn’t even be close. I don’t know for the life of me how some people are blind to this.

2k dictates the games


Yeah lol I don’t understand why 2k does that thing where sometimes either you or your opponent just starts getting every 50/50 ball and all the good calls. It’s fun when it’s on your side I guess but when it’s against you it can be very frustrating. I think they also tend to favour “weaker” teams just to make sure the new players don’t give up on the game immediately and actually keep playing. It’s understandable on a marketing point but sucks for the good player.


AJ…I feel like every post from you lately is utter distaste for 2K. Maybe this game is not for you


Nah, I’m just a different type of person.

usually when i have a game where it pisses me the F**** off, i switch to another game, preferably a 1 player single game. Like before it was valhalla and it really helped calm me down, now im currently playing Ghosts of Tsushami, amazing game by the way, i recommend all to get it.


Sadomasochism? Some type of -ism :joy:

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Ghost is an easy platinum too. It was my first, and I didn’t feel like it took much effort at all. Having such a great story probably helped.

Looks beautiful on ps5 (pushed me to buy Demon’s Souls after).


And fwiw I started 2k21 Xmas day. Pretty much done until super endgame based god cards are selling for 20k.

I can’t stand unlimted even for xp challanges. Every game is the same. 5 out, speed glitches, full court press…

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First and second quarter of a game… notice how crazy different the game goes

That’s why I dont play online unless for agendas or to get a player because you cant use your best team and try to win . The shot realse is so jacked up that it cheat you everytime. Fast shooting players shoot so slow that your opponent can be on the other side of the court and make it just enough time to contest your shot and you miss when you was wide open. You miss layups with a 100% layup player because of this online shooting. If you play a lower tier team they can have a emerald and I swear everybody could hit threes when you have a opal curry and you miss. Tto you can get 4 wins in a way and get to the higher tier and 2k would screw you out the win so bad and the steal bumps is crazy. 100% ball handle and hof unpluckable can’t even help with you losing the ball so easy.:joy:


This game is a huge pile of shit and myteam is the shittiest it gets. Only a small portion of the game feels normal, it’s either momentum on your side or worse on the other.

I am literally becoming a worse person playing myteam. Playing it is barely associated with joy. AH and collecting is often fun, but actually playing leads to some frustration one way or the other.
Its been like that every year in myteam, that’s why I play MT maybe 1 or 2 month tops.

I think a lot of people Need to realize that games should be fun at least 90% of the time. Not 60%or even less.


You can’t even enjoy domination on current because you barely can get a shot in , even with a good team they dumb down your players and cause you to foul alot and turn the ball over. Video games suppose to be fun and exciting , not a rage fest , mental breakdown game. I love a challenge but these hof games are just over the top.if there wasn’t no next gen there would be alot of complaining like last time to lower the difficulty.there should be no reason that am over the edge playing domination that I got to focus the whole game and I cant talk to anyone or I lose and my four point lead go from losing by 10 in 10 sec.

The game is programmed to keep skilled players from earning top rewards constantly. They are controlling games and its due to their need and desire for more money spent. They give out more of the better reward cards to noobs. Those reward cards in TTO are so fast and deadly that a person can use that one player an entire game.

As I grind TTOnline I just laugh at the game mechanics that’s all you can do. Even when 2K is favoring me I shake my head because it’s so obvious. I have one game when my diamond Gobert can’t guard a Ruby. The next game he’ll clamp a dark matter.

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The hardest games to win end up being the better rewards.

I agree, 100%.

I actually enjoy the game this year. The one mode that I don’t enjoy as much as others is Unlimited. I enjoy TT, TTO, Dom, and Limited.

Unlimited can be a hit or miss depending on my opponent and my attitude. Unlimited feels so much better when you just try to have fun rather than playing just to win. Online play isn’t meant for everybody.

My competitive nature can destroy me at times.

I have no problem with losing a game if it comes down to skills. However, Its harder to not want that win when your opponent talks smack and isn’t skilled. So when you face someone that use’s one of the top notch cards the entire game to do the same pull back three every time down the court. I read many tendency and yet, with a very good defensive card, I can’t even move to react in time. So what happens is, I just go to the spots they keep going to contest the shots.

I will be in their face all game and they will make way too many contested bad timed shots. On the flip side, I will be wide open all game and getting lag spikes when i shoot. I’ll miss good timed shots and I know its not me.

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The skilled players I face never get the help I see in these NOOBs that are completely readable the entire game.


Let it go AJ. Find yourself a better game to compete.