This dude can't make a post?

This dudemade his account a while ago, but still can’t make a post, new topic button isn’t there. Can someone help, his username is @aiden8014

He needs to hold on 24h i guess :slight_smile:

What do you mean?

He has to make 10 comments first

what do u mean

That was for starting a thread i guess ?
New members can’t post msgs for 24h as far as i know.

Account updated @aiden8014. Welcome to 2KG.

Also, new members must be active for a short period and participate in discussion to unlock additional features.


Edit: this dude was not my friend and he messaged me asking if I could make this post for him

You created this monster :joy:


What have you done!?


Super sorry guys I made a bad mistake

The dead are already here


Good Recovery

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