This Day In History Card Luck

How has your luck been with the codes?

I’m 3/6 (MJ, West, Pettit)


0/6 :confused:

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Pettit, got MJ from pack twice playing TTO.

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West and Isiah for me.


I’m 6/6 on 100 MT


Only Jordan like 7x

2 for 6 got Thomas and Jerry

Jerry who still starts for me (I’m a bum) and mj from tto

2/6 (mj and mcadoo)

Can’t complain though as I’m 3/4 in the sizeable token or mt consolation prizes. Also got another mj in tto. A bit bs that we can’t auction it :unamused:

0/6 but have received 59 or 60 tickets from locker codes so I can’t be too upset.

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4/6 but…
I only missed Jordan and targeted 3 tokens (got it) with Wilkins one.

Speaking of these players, has anyone got anybody other than Ruby MJ out of the TTO pack?

1/6 Isiah

All I’ve gotten is ruby MJ every time

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3/6 myself so cant complain…

West, Nique, Pettit.

0 cards, alot of 100mt tho…

2 by codes, Petit and West

1 by TTO packs, Jordan

3/6 - Pettit, MJ, Isiah