This company is a joke

Just finished a conversation with the 2K support team where the supervisor essentially told me to screw off despite me being more polite than they deserve and having offered provided proof of my disconnect. I have opened multiple support tickets with proof of my original disconnect to which they were all closed at the same time with same response message given and the ability to respond to them removed. Yeah I think I’m done this year boys.

Here are some screen shots of my conversation with their incredibly helpful support team if you’re interested:

image image image image image image image


Man I really feel like shit for just randomly testing the 2nd code and it working for me despite having first one work

On the other hand, it is bullshit how people have confirmed they could pick their choice of PD (Showcasing that 2k can do it if they want), but now they dont want to do it since a lot of people are affected

some really shitty customer service

should’ve just let us keep PD Lebron

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Don’t feel like shit bro. It’s not your fault whatsoever that the most inept company on the planet has a stranglehold on basketball video games. Enjoy the code and don’t sweat it

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yeah ive been on both sides of it with the codes, and it is so frustrating when there is such a simple fix that could satisfy all their fans and customers

theyve even used the goddamn solution (giving people a choice/ pack in account), but they refuse to acknowledge that they can do it

edit: also mad shady how they say “we cannot address this issue”, seems like devs have told support to keep their mouth shut and not even refer to the fact that they have compensated people in the past

No that’s way worse they gave us free mt and a PD locker code

*they gave some of us, and screwed some of us

if every person just got a free untradable PD lebron on their account all this drama wouldnt have started

but then all these youtubers couldnt be making videos on this issue for 2 weeks giving 2k free publicity

They gave most of us the rewards and you’re saying free publicity as if 2k isn’t the most popular basketball game in the world lmao

And if there was a free PD Lebron they would’ve violated there deal with McFarland

There isn’t much they can do lmao I applaud 2k for making the second effort to fix it but they’re still ass

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Yes 2k is the biggest bball game, but they dont do great on twitch or youtube

all this hoopla just gave 2 weeks of free topics to be milked for more content and more eyeballs

also no matter how big, free publicity is always good

one last thing : ofcourse 2k wouldnt give the PD and violate the contract its understandable from a business standpoint

but from a player/consumer standpoint this entire shitshow has been a lot more annoying then just being given a free PD same for all and be done with it,… now with these codes some people (like me) got 2 pd , and some got screwed and got 0

Yeah I like how 2k actually tried to fix what wasnt their initial fuckup (leaked lebron)

but execution has been a D- so far

A- for effort i suppose

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Why would you applaud them? It took them a week to put out codes that don’t even work when they asked for 24-48 hours

Damn man

2k does fine on YouTube watch someone like troydan who’s pulling over 600k views on a myteam video, The point is they tried and while they suck as a developing company you gotta realize that not everyone’s gonna be happy and everything work perfectly

They didn’t work for you but you can’t say they don’t work

This was 2K’s fault originally. They didn’t make that LeBron code a one use code and instead only made a 1 use per account code. That is how everyone was able to use it without issue. This whole thing started from 2K fucking up and they have only continued to fuck up since

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While I understand what you’re saying it’s a virtual card

well they didnt work for a significant portion of people

and more importantly the ones who it didnt work for are the ones who the 2nd code was intended for (errored on first code)

in the meantime some people who got the first one also got the 2nd one working no stress, thats a fuckup that shouldnt happen when they explicitly say the 2nd code is for those who the 1st one didnt work for.

On top of that you most likely would’ve gotten Ben Wallace so it’s really only 40k

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