This community

So many posts about complaining about the state of the game, yet right now you guys are on the edge of your seats waiting and speculating for new content lol



It’s been like this though, for a few years, kind of the community at this point

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I think most of the complaints go back to the average mindset of people in America. Maybe the world idk. How’s the easiest way to do something with as little effort. Why run a play, why play real basketball when you can tap a button for a screen and jack up a shot with just as much success. It’s sad that nobody sees the value (take the nobody as the people we are talking about not us) of working towards something and the feeling of the grind and the love for competition.

No capppp

People out here feening for new cards. Why? The gameplay is trash anyway, new cards aren’t going to magically fix it.

I can barely play the game, all they release is PG and C anyway, the other 3 positions you’re gonna pay some coin

I sold my squad and allat after I played a guy with a starting 5 of guys like 6’10+

I really miss being able to use true PGs and shit. In 18 you could get away with it with some skill, but in this game you gotta be a straight up fucking dog if you’re rolliny out true PGs.

Is why I use Lonzo, 6’6 with high steal. I hate using out of position players, farthest I go is a SF at PF or SF at SG like Luka

Yeah Lonzo is super serviceable for me too, but option are thin. And if you see a PD Giannis he’s in for a long game.

I got the best budget lineup.

Sapphire iggy, sapphire tmac, ruby darius miles, sapphire ibaka, and ruby towns.

I won Larry Johnson and Hakeem using that exact lineup. You get matched with lesser squads that way too.

No sense in wasting time or money on the game. It’s not enjoyable enough to be doing all that.

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I was using a tmac with gold drd and limitless, got bored of using him tho, i can only take so much tmac, no matter how good he is. Past 3 years of myteam was filled with tmac.

I tried a budget lineup like that, but then I just get matched up with 60 overall god squads.

Gotta make sure bench is full bronze.

Worst I’ve run into since doing that was a dude using PD giannis surrounded by silvers. But he was awful at the game and got blown out by 20.

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Just looking for that new quick fix.


True he is a hypebeast card. Mo Pete is really fun too.

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