This Broke My Heart

I hated this so so much… McAdoo has been the top card of my team this season… but at 175K and with only 4 on the PS4 auction house at this time, I have no choice. I bought this card for 35K!!! I just can’t do it.


Yea bro I bought three the other day for 50k and sold back for 70-80k. I did not see this coming but damn wish I would of held on to them

Oh and worst thing to do in an UT game is fall in love with a card. Just give it a 20$ and send it packing

I sold mine for 100k yesterday :sob: he went up again?!

McAdon’t sell!


Is he really that nice? This is the second time I heard someone speak so highly of him. I locked him for Klay but never actually used him. Who does he play like?


He’s good but the locker code the other day made the other cards in the set skyrocket. Sold my Houston for 100k

I see PD Kidd, Richmond, Mourning and Aldridge are slowly going up in price as well.

No one will buy my McAdoo with shooting grinches for 100k :man_shrugging:

Not shooting grinches @element these are defense shoes which boost rebounding, interior defense, block, vertical, and strength: the perfect shoe for this legend


:joy::joy::joy::joy: this video got me crying


Himself. He’s a speedboosting dunking and defense god


And I had gold range on mine so that he could hit 3s :sob::sob::sob:

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oh no what’s beal at? i don’t want to sell

Good looking out with the tip. Gonna auction him also as I got him for 50k on Friday.

This is god sending me a sign… keeping this dude.


McaDiamnond hands

unbroke your heart


How did his price rocket like that

Good question I don’t know… but mine didn’t sell
So I just gonna keep him lol