This better not be my fellow 2kgamers


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People locking for that Oscar apparently.

Bobby Jones on steroids.

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I feel shame for this person

It’s me :sweat_smile:

No Freakin Way

melo xb1 price?

Odds were bad for Melo even if you got a PD glow you had to dodge Jimmer and Pete.

Yea but 700k???, he was just 400k last week when packs were out



That better not be you

Got trigger happy

U a troll king, I don’t believe you

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Alr whatev bro. I already regret bidding on him

Walking bucket for TTO or Unlimited. Butter quick release, great animations, amazing post game, hof ankle hof limitless, great strength. I m not going to sell until Opals dropping for sure. I think 700k is good price comparing to the other cards.

Not on XB1, he wasn’t.

Bro 700k is a Giannis and a Lebron



lol i love how your just so dull and nonchalant about the situation

You know I kidding right