This 2 tokens per vault opening event decent


you get it as long as you open

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Yep, just got 2 tokens with 500mt. W


Thanks for the heads up! wasnt going to log in this morning to play yet but now I will.

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Not one green vault, RIP

So basically, never. Nice.

I haven’t opened a crate for like 10 games


did get it twice in about slightly mroe than an hour’s worth. 500 mt and dwade pack

decided it wouldnt open that much, went in to 2 rookie dom games to get my kersey up to a ruby cos i only needed the points

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Lowkey, I pulled a Amy Tim Duncan (sold Timmy for 28k) from Dwade pack that I obtained from opening a crate a few days ago.

I got 4 vaults and + 5 tokens from one vault :stuck_out_tongue:

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Used to rack up 30-40 tokens on a good board clear but now we’re happy if we get 2 tokens an hour.

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Still hasn’t opened a crate in 15 games

Hello darkness my old friend…


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Only opened 2 vaults unfortunately

Its live again.

Done all 4 hours now, 1 vault opened lol

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Decent my ass. 2k is scummy for lowering the vault odds during these events.

I opened the vault 3 times since release. All three in first week

Anybody get Doug West today?

Much better this period

I usually open up a lot of vaults, but during this 2 hours, i’ve gotten none

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I got 1, 2 minutes before the event expired