Thinking of SELLING MY TEAM (PS4]

I’m thinking about quitting myteam, and selling it. Don’t have much time to play anymore as I work everyday and got kids.

Account has 11M MT and 45 cards away from AD.

Lmk offers

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Sell your MT then sell your account


I suggest you sell the MT and account seperately. It’s unlikely that anyone wants all 11 mil.


11 million? jesus christ

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11 Mil and 45 from Wade?? :thinking:

After you sell the MT I’m interested.

PM Sent :eyes:

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I’ll sell the MT @ 15.50/100K if anyone interested

$15.50…are you @smithboys1 alternate account? :face_with_monocle::joy:

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Another user that’s actually been here awhile and tried to sell his MT for an inflated price similar to yours.

Oh, yeah idk lmao. I’m kinda new here and just wanting to sell my acc

Must be hard to get 45 cards away from Wade then sell. I feel like I’d at least wait until I got him first lol

I meant 40 cards away from AD lol got wade sorry

He used my service, but didnt pay last game, ignored my message too, not recommended


Sell the mt at 13 per 100k if you want to move it. You have no rep, you wont sell any at 15. Build some rep, ask for vouches, then up the price a bit if you arent in any rush to sell the account because it’ll take awhile to sell that amount of mt at any price north of 13. With or without rep.

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@ShotCaller440, you need to make things right with @1gakki before anyone here deals with you. You’ve only been here for 7 days and this isn’t a good look for you.