Thinking of selling diamond players is now a good time?

Thinking of selling most my cards and waiting for new cards to drop

Thinking of selling diamond


Before they get pds and price drops might keep Durant and run a kind of budget squad around him till then

Would break my heart to keep them and lose about 50% mt

Any idea on the order of series 2 releases?

Shaq, AD, KD, Larry, Kobe, LeBron is my totally unfounded guess. If I’m right, the board has to give me 1 Mil MT. If I’m wrong, I have to sell all my good players and quit Myte…


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If you are right I would be able to hold onto my kd for a bit longer

Tonight feels like a good time to sell. Market will get weird this week.

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I’m feeling the same way

After I go 12-0 I sell my team over that weekend due to things normally dropping that Monday and just use reward players after that, rn is the best time to sell

Kobe & LeBron are GO’s so they will be released towards the end.

My prediction is…


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Aren’t you afraid of players you like going way up in price if you want them back next month?

Jordan, Giannis, Granger, etc

I’m sure pd durant will
Be > granger

I could see them dropping Jordan packs in the future also as a locker code

The Granger release is everything. Best of all the base 11’s

Durant d is practically just as good tbh so pd will be >

Also I like durant more then granger :man_shrugging: