Thinking of buying a Switch

Accrued Credit Card Points over the past year, and really have nothing to do with it, thinking bout a Switch.

Is now a good time to buy?

Good price point? I see a deal for 277 with a on year online included

Any possibility of newer hardware update?

Any games I should look at?

2K would be off the list, no reason to buy the same game for 2 systems and go through Domination again


It’s a good buy, all the Nintendo games you grew up on are on it but way better, you can take it with you, you could get the anniversary 2k for like 30 bucks and have the 450vc that comes with that and spend it on packs and just get a team that way, no need to go crazy investing into my team on two systems

Love the switch, definitely recommend it.

Fantastic console, great for party games too

Thanks guys, definitely pushing me towards one more

Feels way better spending my money on switch games than fucking useless MT. Smash, kart, party, overcooked and Zelda are what I have. And that’s way more than enough to be fun.

Where can I get anniversary edition for 30 bucks? Lol

Decided im going to buy one tomorrow.

I literally decided to buy one today since I had credit card points to redeem lol.

See on there bro

Yea I was like and earned so much from selling mt so might as well indulge. Where did you see that deal for 277?

But I ended up buying the 299 bundle at target cause I have redcard so I get 15 percent off, and came with $35 nintendo eStore credit

Yea thats the same one i am going to get but from amazon since i had some bing reward gc.


Waiting on sword and shield.

The let’s go Pikachu and let’s go Eevee, although the story is nostalgic yellow version for me, the gameplay is way lame

Yeah idk man pokemon is one of those games i can sit back and play while my girlfriend calls me a kid lol