Thinking bout making change. Assistance please!

Not that he has under performed or anything but currently sitting on 165k, Thinking about selling my all star 97 LeBron badged out and picking up 96 KD. Obviously KD is going 200k+. Is it worth the pick up and using the MT?

Sitting here thinking about it. I have a 97 ray Allen diamond contract badged out I could sell. Or a 98 carmelo with diamond contract and badged out.

They are in my starting line up and 97 bron is coming off bench

I would stay with Lebron. I have used different versions of KD and his 3 is inconsistent. At least with bron you know you will get the same strong drives and dunks day in day out. Hits consistent 3’s as well though his release is very slow. I’m using the All Star Lebron with a defensive shoe and locks down 1-4 opponents.

I’ve also thought about selling my 97 All-Star LeBron with red Kyries because sometimes he doesn’t justify being such an expensive card and I don’t really force it with him, except for on some drives. But it’s good to know that I have a player that can do absolutely everything on the floor. Can’t let him go.